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Jo’ Swazi

November 2019 (Thanksgiving)

We will explore Johannesburg, South Africa and The Kingdom of ESwatini. Africa has long had an unfortunate stigma and misunderstood perceptions. On this Exploration, we want to change the narrative of how the world and you view Africa.

City + Yachts

It is officially summer in South Africa! The best time of the year to experience the un-match vibes of Johannesburg. We will head to the 4th largest city in South Africa, Durban, and charter a yacht in the Indian Ocean! This is for those who like to par-tay!

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Welcome Home

AFRICA. The Continent.

I know what you’re thinking.

Why Africa?

One of the most amazing places in the world. With so many amazing countries on the Continent, it is hard to choose where to go, see, and explore.

South Africa has the BEST sunsets. Some of the most amazing, beautiful, and hospitable people you will ever meet are in Africa. And most importantly, you will feel Africa in your soul and spirit.

Allow Destination Done Travel to help your dreams come true with visiting The Continent.

We want you to explore Southern Africa with us.


Bridging The Cultures

The goal and mission of Destination Done is to bridge the cultural connection between the Black American Diaspora and Southern Africa.

The idea is to make your exploration of to Southern Africa the most beautifully connected, comfortable, and seamless experience.


Give Back

A percentage of any Destination Done Experience goes towards sponsoring passports and study- abroad scholarships for students from underserved communities.


A Genuine Presence

All of the Destination Done Experiences are personally vetted by our staff. We work with only local vendors, more specifically, Black owned or run businesses in Southern Africa.

We do this to ensure that you we keep the integrity of our Experiences, support the local economy, and guarantees a genuine and authentic experience with us.