The diverse group of women who were all in some way connected was able to vibe, laugh, joke, learn, and embrace the experience.
— Nicole, Atlanta

Rachel is the ABSOLUTE best travel curator EVER! Down to earth, knowledgeable, funny as hell, and knows how to satisfy all travelers. I love that we were able to see the best parts and not so good parts. We were able to connect with nature while spending the night in the game reserve. The food was amazing! Especially the private dinners! This trip was definitely a WIN and I would definitely not only do it again, recommend more people to come too!
— Maat, New Orleans

I loved the food. Both the Welcome and Farewell dinners were great. I liked that we got to experience areas beyond the popular tourist spots.
Appreciated that the schedule wasn’t super packed and that there was down time.
— Danielle, Atlanta

The local contacts, the trips to other townships, the Apartheid Museum, the Pan- African dinner, the timing of the Eswatini visit (you appreciate Jo’Burg more when you get back)!
— Chole, New York