Bridging The Cultural Connections Between The African American Diaspora & Southern Africa


You’ve been wanting to experience Africa.

Perhaps you have no idea where to start?

The Continent has been on your “Life Goals” list for years.

Or, you may not know enough about The Continent to even begin to think about traveling here.

That’s why we have created Destination Done. 

Destination Done was conceived from the idea of bridging the connections and cultures between the African American Diaspora to The Continent.

Through personally sourced and carefully designed experiences, Destination Done is bringing you beautifully curated experiences in Southern Africa.

Come to experience the magicsplendor, and beauty of Southern Africa.

To further the mission of changing the narrative and perspective of how the world and how you may see Africa, we have partnered with local businesses, guides, hotels, and venues to bring you truly authentic experiences.

Our Explorations are the perfect trip for anyone new to exploring Africa.




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After silently suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression for over a year, Rachel made the decision to resign from a lucrative and promising corporate career to travel the world indefinitely.

Rachel’s love for travel started before ever stepping on a plane. As a child, she read hundreds of books which allowed her to explore the world, in different times and places over and over again. In high school, she was granted an opportunity to travel to China for a month. Since then, her heart for travel and exploration has taken her to over 60 countries.

Rachel created a travel platform to educate, inspire, and influence Millennials of color to travel the world to push past their comfort zones, travel the world (like a boss on a budget), and change the narrative on what it means to be a traveler of color.

In 2018, Rachel made the leap and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. Her love for the Continent and desire to share it with African Americans, moved her to create Destination Done, a boutique travel service.

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Rachel Travels has been featured in many publications, podcasts, and national shows.