How It Works


If you're here, then it means you're interested traveling to Southern Africa with Destination Done!

Joining an Experience with us is done through a selective process. Because we are committed to creating lifelong relationships and beautiful memories, we want to ensure that those who travel with us align with the vision and mission of Destination Done.

Destination Done Travel was created to bridge the cultural connections between the African American Diaspora and  Southern Africa. We want to ensure that our Explorations preserve the authenticity and beauty of the Continent. We desire for our guests to be open to different perspectives, open to new dialogue, and ready to be immersed.

Through a thoroughly crafted process, we want to ensure that those who travel with us are mature, graceful, open to new insights, and ready to be absorbed in the beauty of Africa!



Applying to A Destination Done Exploration

1) Once you find a Experience you would like to join, click "Apply For A Spot".

2) Fill out the application form as honestly as possible.

3) If you are approved, we will send you a separate invitation email with all the details to move forward to join the Experience within 48 hours